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Who's Afraid of Sharks?

What did people do with sharks this small in San Pedro?  Pose for the camera as this pioneer tourist guide, Abel Guerrero did?   Take a picture and then release it?  No way Jose! A small shark like this one is called “cazon” and it makes one of the most delectable fish dishes you can ever imagine.  Boil it and hash it and then fry it with plenty of onions, bell peppers and fresh tomato and you can be sure that some refried beans and one pound of corn tortillas will not be enough.  Have you ever heard about shark panades?  Well it is this cazon that is responsible for some of the best empanadas (panades) you can have in Belize.  One thing, fishermen do not go out intentionally trying to catch cazon.  But they love to come after their bait and then get hooked.

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