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"Las Chinitas Aleglan el Carnabal"

In the 1950’s to the 1970’s one of the most popular Carnival dances was Las Chinitas. The Chinese were completely alien to San Pedro; therefore it was a lot of fun to see people disguised like Chinitas and Chinitos dancing around the village speaking Spanish but with a Chinese accent and their baskets full of fruits. They did not dance salsa music either, but a song written by Don Severito or Dona Vilma that had as Chinese tune. The Chinitos dance was so popular that it was performed by children, teenage girls and even the men.Chinitos topped other groups like Los Cubanitos, Los Negritos, Los Indios, Los Toreros, and Los Gringos. All of these were alien to San Pedro. “Ahola” a “bailal” con las chinitas “Alaceli” & “Inail” que “aleglan” el “Carnabal”.

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