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THE YEAR IS 1925 and these San Pedranos have just returned from their long trek in the bush where they had been bleeding sapodilla trees for the sap with which chewing gum was made. They were certainly not fishermen for they dress completely different. It was the era of chicleros (chewing gum harvesters) and coqueros (coconut harvesters). Interestingly enough, they posed for the camera in front of one of the few wooden buildings in 1925, probably the Varela house still standing today and the site of Cellular Plus and Javi’s Store. Or it could be Doña Pilar’s house, still standing today as home of Leni Alamilla. Can you identify in photo Mr. Reynaldo Muñoz, granddad of Luis Muñoz? Or Mr. Miguel Alamilla, grandfather of the family at Reef Restaurant? Or Mr. Claudio Azueta, grandfather of James and Claudio Azueta? Enjoy a treasured flashback submitted by our good friend Mrs. Mila Phillips.>

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