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A Grand Slam

This might not be a grand slam, but it is a slam nevertheless. All of those permit in one catch is any angler’s dream. And we are not talking about all the fish fillet to be enjoyed, but all the fun in fighting to land these permit in the boat. Dennis Eiley is not looking too happy because he cannot boast it was his catch. And Wilema Alamilla is there to proudly boast that it is her Tio Abel’s catch or perhaps her Tio Manuel’s and definitely it will be her Tati’s job to convert these permit into steaks or fillet. But the happiest is young Lisa McCorkle who is so proud that it is Holiday Hotel in its early days advertising San Pedro with this envious catch of permit by one if its guests. It is everyone’s Grand Slam! Okay, let’s preserve our mangroves for more permit.

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