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Chichi Regina’s 90th Birthday

Perlita Zapata de Nuñez stirred up a storm on Facebook when she posted a photo of the Nuñez Family and other families that have assimilated into the Nuñez Family Tree. The reason for the hundreds of comments and celebration is because it is a photo of Chichi Regina married to Tatito Cruz Nuñez. Their Family tree gave birth to one of the largest families in San Pedro and perhaps the most popular and influential. It included their immediate children -nine boys and one girl- to include Polo Nuñez, Rafael Nuñez, Genaro Nuñez, Cruz Nuñez, Luis Nuñez, Wally Nunez, Meraldo Nuñez, Guillermo Nuñez, Ramon Nuñez and Lupita Brown de Nuñez. In this photo Chichi Regina celebrated her 90th birthday at the Lions Den and includes most but not all of her four generations. Could anybody guess who is on Chichi Regina’s lap?

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