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Amateur Sports

Gone are the days of good amateur sports which carried 100% of community support. When semi pro sports came into being, the avid spirit for sports declined considerably. I mean the community used to donate money even for the uniforms, buy raffles, sell barbecues, support the bar and attend matches 100%. Fans and fanatics who supported the San Pedro Team even got into fist fights to defend the good name of their amateur team like this Flashback. Here we reminisce our heroes like Ricardo “Chicle” Acosta, Raul “Coco” Gonzalez, Bobby Nuñez, Tino Gonzalez, Sammy Gonzalez, Abel Ochaeta, Felipe Paz Jr., Eloy Gonzalez, and front row Mario Graniel, Omero Graniel, two Mexicans, Juanito Diaz, and Guillermo “Cholo” Nuñez. Long live our Amateur sports in San Pedro.

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