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First Days of Lobster Season

On the first days of the lobster season which started then on July 15, fishermen in San Pedro were really… really…really busy. It was like each fisherman would bring some 25 bags full of whole lobster and later some five large baskets of lobster tails. On the first days in July the catch of the spiny lobsters was so large and the fisherman’s hands were still a bit tender that he had to use protective gloves to protect himself from the spines of spiny yet succulent delicacy. Mr. Fortunato “Nato” Flota was one of some 30 lobster trap fishermen who delighted in the trade while some 100 others ventured into the deep for skin diving in the same trade. Much more peaceful and easy to be a lobster trap fisherman…after the waters around Ambergris Caye were infested with these crustaceans that only a few years before were considered pests…yes pests. Oh how we wish we would now have an invasion of these pests once more!

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