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A Laid Back Fishing Village

This lovely flashback given to us by Mr. Geraldo Badillo, depicts a laid back fishing village just on the verge of turning into a vibrant little tourism haven. The boat, survival was a small fishing vessel used to travel up the coast, north and south, where the fishermen did skin diving looking for lobster, fish and conch. Notice the fishing nets near the beach, nets that were spread out on bamboo sticks to air-dry in the sun so that they would not rot. Paradise Hotel belonging to the late Jerry McDermott and run by Ramon Nuñez, was a humble hotel comprised of six cabañas. Wow, the luxury of living in a small fishing village! Can’t leave your nets out in the open anymore. Can’t even leave your sailing boat or you will find it without a sail and a jib the next morning. Fortunately, San Pedro still retains its Paradisiacal qualities.  Long Live Paradise!

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