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Los Malías

It did not take much to be a Sanpedrano. All you had to be was plain and simple or in other words, not sophisticated any at all. He did not need a fancy home, or vehicles, or any expensive toys. He did not need a cellular phone not iPod or a Jacuzzi to take a bath. He was plain and simple; after all he was a Sanpedrano who belonged to this special culture- a culture with no shoes, open shirt, short pants and yes, a ruffled hair. And he was never bored because any little activity made him happy. In this flashback this group called Los Malias are simply waiting for the arrival of the passenger boat La Edna to admire the passengers and few arriving tourists. They are from left to right the famous Vidal “El Bambino”, Geraldo Badillo “El Gato”, Jorge Varela, Miguel Alamilla “Seis Dedos”, Abram Alamilla “Pancho”, and Eulogio Nuñez “Wero”. What a great fun group of kids in this Flashback. Can’t get any more Sanpedrano, right?

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