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Wave Dancers

Every time you try to convince young people to go into dancing, you try to tell them that dancing can take you places.  It is like sports. This Flashback is a testimony to this idea as back in the early 1990’s this dance group who called themselves the Wave Dancers travelled to the Mexican Island of Cozumel to do just that.  The Wave Dancers were trained by members of the Original and renowned Sunshine Dancers. The group was comprised of Jocelyn Bremekamp, Nelda Graniel, Vanya Vasquez, Mirta Rivero, Tania, Carmen Trejo, Vanessa Guerrero, Rosita Graniel Jenny Salazar, Olive Eiley, Mercie Trejo, Elisa Guerrero to name a few.  And with every good organization including dance groups, there are the group leaders as are Vilma Arceo, Susan Eiley, Neri Rivero, Jeannie Bremekamp and Denny Squires of the Original Sunshine Dancers. Kudos to our Island dancers past and present.

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