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Lots of Miss World Candidates

There is one thing that is almost to be taken for granted and it is that whenever there is a celebrity in Belize, a visit to San Pedro and Holiday Hotel is guaranteed.  Whether it be a statesman, movie actor, performer or just a famous millionaire or investor, that celebrity is sure to visit San Pedro.  In this flashback we find Miss Belize getting ready to go to the Miss World Pageant in 1986.  Along her are the famous Sunshine Dancers including Denny Squires, Melinda Varela, Martha Badillo, Veli Paz and Mini squires.  Martha Badillo followed footsteps by becoming Miss Belize and the Miss World Candidate in 1989. Like this flashback, there will be many of them in the years to come. “Viva” to the Sanpedrano women.

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