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Birth Of Jesus Re-Enacted

Every Year for the Christmas Season the birth of Jesus Christ is re-enacted by schools, church groups, and others. It involves Joseph the Carpenter, The Virgin Mary, Angel Gabriel, a choir of angels, Three Wise Men, and the Shepherds, Once in a while a real baby is used for Baby Jesus, but most of the time a doll, and ironically a female doll.  When you grow older will you be able to tell your children that you participated in the Nativity Story of the The World’s most important Baby and his family?  This is the good fortune of Rilma Rivero, Nicolas Varela, Arelie Rivero (+), Emma Varela, Omar Arceo, Vicky Arceo, Shelly Arceo, Dana Varela, Lily Paz, Ceni Varela, among others you might indentify in these flashbacks.

Below are some more great flashback pictures of the Three Wise Men and the Nativity Scene

San Pedro Village -Birth Of Jesus Re-EnactedSan Pedro Village -Birth Of Jesus Re-EnactedSan Pedro Village -Birth Of Jesus Re-Enacted

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