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Feliz Año Nuevo at Marino's Club

A happy New Year and Welcome to the Baile de los Casados (Dance for Married Couples Only).  At first it was traditionally called Baile de los Viejos (Dance of the old people), but changed for obvious reasons.  In this Flashback, Luis Nuñez, owner of Marino’s Club, and Polo Nuñez, are ready in Marino’s Club where the much anticipated dance was held every year on December 31 starting at 8 p.m. and interrupted for one hour for the midnight mass.  The bar is well stocked with good old Belikin and Seven up, Coke, Pepsi and other traditional liquors like the Parrot. Men must enter the dance hall with their wives (no sweethearts ventured in), and single people were only allowed after 3 a.m. when their dance at Daddy’s Club was over. This was perhaps the best dance of the year.

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