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Early Days at San Pedro High

     Ever since Mr. Al Felly became involved at San Pedro High School, art used to be a fun part of the curriculum.  In this flashback you see Emma Varela with a piece of board in her hands.  It is a cork board which Al Felly taught them how to carve some art.  They usually did Maya Faces in outline form cutting and carving to come up with something like a rubber stamp.  Then you see Pete Ayuso with a roller, which was used to roll some ink neatly over the cork stamp.  And from there you print on anything and as many times as you wish.  Friends will recognize Miss Sheila, one of the first American girls to work as a teacher at San Pedro High. Funny but in the background you see tons of books not in use like American history and world politics.  There were also some typing books, but no typewriters yet at San Pedro High.  Incidentally the badge on the shirts’ pockets read St. Peter’s College which is how the school was first named.

Early Days at San Pedro HighEarly Days at San Pedro High

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