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History Of Musical Groups -Daddy's Orchestra

After enjoying La Banda de San Pedro in 1920’s and 30’s we move on to Daddy’s Orchestra in the 1940’s and 50’s.  Here is the famous Daddy Paz at the saxophone, first owner of Daddy’s Club and the famous Mr. Severo Guerrero I who was also the all time Carnival song composer. Left to right is the talented guitarist Emilio Rivero, Lucio Guerrero and Carlos Marin at the banjo.  Then there is Rafael Nuñez, Severo Guerrero I, Daddy Paz, Claudio Azueta and a guy from Sarteneja known as Toya. This group entertained at all the dances held in San Pedro and at times was invited to Xcalak, Mexico for their grand festivities. Daddy’s Orchestra was another Pride of San Pedro, “Un orgullo Sanpedrano.

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