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The Music Gene

Definitely music is learned through practice, but if there is anything like a music gene, it can certainly be seen here.  Virgilio and Perfecto Rivero come from a very talented musician, Mr. Emilio Rivero who was perhaps one of San Pedro’s most talented guitarist both in the lead as well as accompaniment.  Virgilio started with drums in the 1980’s and his brother Perfecto “Peseto” Rivero with the guitar.  Ramon “Memo” Guerrero started around this time with the guitar and later on shifted to the electronic keyboard.  Today all of these fellows are still very much active in the music world. Virgilio has passed on his talent to his sons and grandchildren. Peseto has moved from Los Chavos del Ritmo, to as many as three groups and is with Barrington and the Islanders. As for Memo he is still going strong with Memo and the Rompe Raja Group.  Kudos to the Musical Gene.

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