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Where Is The Island Plaza?

The Island Plaza is nowhere to be found because it was the year 1972 and the property was one big empty lot belonging to Tio Pil (Felipe Paz Sr.+)  The photographer was standing on the street beside Fido’s just 50 feet from the beach.  This is the narrowest spot on the island where you can see both the sea and the lagoon.  Take a look at the wooden house belonging to the Catholic Bishop, which is now owned by the Lions.  Ahead is Chico’s Coral Beach Hotel.  The placid water of the lagoon is a reminder that the narrowest  area of Ambergis Caye is just about 600 feet wide, the widest being up north (about four to five miles wide)  Kudos to our forefathers, the early Mestizos, who selected the best spot on the Island to establish the village of San Pedro.

Island Plaza Street (Present)

Present Day Pelican Street with Island Plaza

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