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Street Games For Children

Back in the 1960’s and 70’s, the streets of San Pedro were totally traffic-free.  The streets actually belonged to the children of San Pedro who were totally free to play all kinds of games on the streets without the hassle of any vehicular traffic.  Girls played hop scotch and jumping the rope in all its forms.  Boys played marbles, caperucho, stilts, sling shot, and their dancing tops as well as tons of other fun games.  You might not believe it but boys even played soft ball using a rubber ball or a tennis ball so there was no fear of breaking any windows.  When soccer became popular, every piece of street became mini soccer fields. It was fun watching children playing on the streets and in some ways, they became a nuisance for the pedestrians who tried to squeeze their way through a hot soccer match going on in the middle of the street.  So while today, the vehicles are a nuisance to everyone, in the 1970’s the children were the “nuisance” (for lack of a better word) to pedestrians.

San Pedro Middle Street Pescador Drive

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