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Friendship Park

El Parque de la Amistad or Friendship Park was the creation of the Parks Committee under Councilor Angel Nuñez one year after Township in 1984. It was so named so that it could bring together persons of two political parties through sports.  After the fencing of the park, it got nice wood benches, flowering plants and a huge flamboyant tree.  It was one of the most popular spots in the new town and lots of enjoyable tournaments were held there.  Kudos to the committee members as follows:  Dona Chala Rivero(+),  Petty Nuñez (+), Chabby Salazar, Wilema Alamilla, Addy Gomez, Ligia Nuñez, Valy Castillo, and Emerita Muñoz.  It was the custom in those days to include members of the public in all the committees formed by the Town Council.  

San Pedro Friendship Park Today

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