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A View From Central Park

Is this San Pedro or some other place in Belize? Indeed this is the Central Park in San Pedro in 1971.  A group of civic minded men formed The Action Committee and started working for San Pedro.  For sixty dollars a family or store could donate a concrete bench for the park and their name was carved on it.  It was a beautiful park and visitors like Donna Bradley of Belize City posed there for a vacation picture. From Barrier Reef Drive, you could see through to Pescador Drive, in those days called Middle Street and Back Street. On Back Street you could see the home of Mito Nuñez, Genaro Nuñez, and Mr. Daddy Paz.  There is a Land Rover vehicle parked at the site of Sands Hotel which was used as a road back then.  Yes, this is San Pedro in the early days of tourism with sandy streets and No Shirt, No shoes, No problem.

Present day Central Park

Present day Central Park

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