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Mayor Paz As Miss San Pedro

Just a few years before Independence 1977 to 1978 San Pedro was right into the swing of Miss San Pedro Beauty Pageants.  In 1977 it was Miss Elsa Paz our present mayor who took the coveted title of Miss San Pedro.  In 1978 she passed on the crown, cape and scepter to Miss Yolanda Gutierrez Henkis after a big change in the format.  When Miss Elsa contested, there was no swimsuit competition. Yolanda participated in the first ever swim suit competition added to the format of the pageant.  Also seen in this flashback is the Belizean flag before independence.  Note that it did not have the red band at the top and bottom which were added to the time of Independence in 1981.  Finally kudos to San Pedro’s first Emcee, Mr. Allan Forman, who entertained the crowds, many a times even without a microphone.  Long live the Miss San Pedro Queens from 1951 to 2011, sixty long years of tradition.

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