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Two Big Benefactors

For those of you who did not have the pleasure of meeting or even knowing the famous John Greif II, (Rest in Peace) here he is in his short pants. He was very influential in the opening of the first airstrip in San Pedro and today it has been named in his honor.  And for those of you who did not have the honor of knowing Mr. Al Felly, here he is in his white pants.  Mr. Felly is San Pedro High School’s greatest benefactor who helped to lift up the school from a tiny institution up to its present new building.  One of the student houses at San Pedro High School carries the name of Al Felly.  Note the small three seater airplanes used in the 1970’s. Check out the grassy landing field, bumpy but efficient. Look at the airstrip located on the outskirts of the village with no houses built yet and surrounded by coconut palms welcoming a few visitors to the Island.  San Pedro has indeed come a long way in development and progress and we thank our staunch supporters.

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