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The Village in the 1960’s

Let’s scan this flashback from right to left.  The white picket fenced property belonged to Mr. Liborio Ayuso with his vacation home.  After Hurricane Hattie, it was sold to the owners of the now Spindrift Hotel.  Next is the community center being used at this time by San Pedro High School.  Right in front of the high school is the small Seventh Day Adventist Church.  Next is a property belonging to the late Serafina Encalada of Belize City, a property still owned by the Encaladas.  The next property going left is not beside the Encaladas, but is actually on Front Street and is property of the late Marciano Salazar with his famous Mash Taxi Service. The green house belonged to Mrs. Clara Ancona and is right beside the renowned first hotel on the island, Holiday Hotel. Finally the short pier you see was one of the longest piers also belonging to the Ayuso Family of Belize City. This was our picturesque village of San Pedro  in the 1960’s

San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Village in the 1960’s

San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Village in the 1960’s

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