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The Living Rosary

The living Rosary is as old as Dia de San Pedro or some of those other religious traditions.  This rosary is prayed in the open, usually the park, and each bead of the rosary is represented by children of the schools.  The girls represent the “Hail Mary” and the boys represent the “Our Father. They each carry a flower to the alter when it is their turn and the congregation pray the rosary.  When we reminisce on the Living Rosary we think of the organizers of the event like Mrs. Paula Manrique(+), Tomasita Gomez, Mrs. Vilma Arceo(+), Mrs. Lola Rivero(+), and a few others ladies dedicated to the church.  Glad to note the event is growing in numbers today and thanks to the organizers, The Legion of Mary. Parents indeed feel honored to be asked to send their children to be a “Hail Mary” or a “Our Father”, so this tradition can only grow in popularity.

Living Rosary

In the Catholic Church, October was the month of the “Lady of the Rosary”. Novenas were sponsored by different families who participated in the praying of the rosary. On Monday, October 31, children, parents and teachers got together at the friendship park to offer a “Living Rosary” to the blessed mother. Each child offered a flower to Mary as a token of gratitude. This was followed by a candle light procession and a mass to end the day.

Living RosaryLiving RosaryLiving RosaryLiving RosaryLiving RosaryLiving RosaryLiving RosaryLiving Rosary

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