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The Center of San Pedro 1973

This is how the village of San Pedro looked back in 1973.  The main pier and wharf, located in front of Daddy’s, was a wooden pier not suitable for vehicles.  But of course, there were no need for the few land rovers to go up the pier. It was only used to unload fruits from boats coming from the mainland, boxes of cargo for the three or four shops, and lobster destined to the fishing cooperative and then for export.

Notice the simplicity of Daddy’s Club at the time.  Then there was the majestic one hundred year-old mansion of Papa Blake. Central Park is a mere slab of concrete with wooden benches around it. You could see all the way into Middle Street (now Pescador Drive) because there were no large structures like Sands Hotel and Spindrift Building.

It is this simplicity that started drawing tourists to Ambergris Caye.  Note the two tourists getting fruits at the pier.

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