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A Cozy Paradisaical Tourist Destination Forever

They say a photo is worth a thousand words.  This one is worth a lot more. This photo clearly shows us how much San Pedro has grown. Imagine the many stories you can get from Kirian and Killian Azueta, the Azueta Twins, who used to go to the airstrip just to enjoy the sight of Tropic Air landings and take offs.   Look at the huge transformation of Tropic Air office from its tiny check in office terminal to its present day grandiloquent terminal.  Check out the Tropic sign which even announced the round trip air fare from San Pedro to Belize City Municipal Airstrip.    And if you think the airstrip has not undergone a transformation, just look at the tiny fence and the patches of grass found even on the runway.  HEY, there are a few things that have not changed.  The clear blue skies, the warm tropical climate and the friendly and welcoming disposition of the Islanders have not changed.  San Pedro will remain a cozy paradisaical tourist destination forever because we will make sure it remains as such.

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