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A Tiny Sleeping Village

This is the second hotel to be built on Ambergris Caye after Holiday Hotel. This is Paradise Hotel located just past the cemetery. The main building had a few rooms on the first floor and the restaurant downstairs. There were no cabañas yet but a small palapa and the bar near the beach.  The small pier had a lovely swimming area with two or three skiffs for tourist guiding.  Ramon Nuñez started his career in tourist guiding and hotel management right here with Jerry McDermott.  Notice the house on the far right. It was the last house in the village and belonged to one Mr. Roger Reid, who also owned all the land from there all the way up to the Boca Del Rio.  Reid had married one of the Blake girls and got to own that land which was acquired by the government of Belize and sold to the people of San Pedro for residential purposes.  However  beach property owners sold their land to developers and that is how we see much tourism units on the beach from Paradise to the Boca del  Rio.

The Phoenix previous location of  Paradise Hotel.

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