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It Is Siesta Time!

You have heard it in many forms that San Pedro is a laid back place both for tourists and locals. First it was “no television and no telephones”.  Then it was “no shirt, no shoes no problem.”  Siesta hour is something we inherited from our Mestizo ancestors.  After working hard in the bush or at sea, a good nap was necessary to recuperate energies to complete the day’s work.  Eventually the siesta hour became part of our culture and interestingly enough, it has been adopted by others who come to live on the Island.  We are sure even our visitors take a little siesta; after all how can one resist it with the warm climate, tropical breeze and paradisiacal ambience that the Island has to offer.  Or could this be one of those loafers? Not at all; this is a long standing productive friend of ours in San Pedro.

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