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Lights, Camera, Music, Carnival Time!

The men’s Comparsa or dance group has always been a traditional favorite going all the way back to  Mr. Fido Nuñez, Tio Pil,  and Lucilo Guerrero  (+++)  But then came the  famous group of Armando ‘Jaman’ Graniel who was accompanied by great humorists like Mito Nuñez(+), Tuli Lara, Adolfo Ayuso (+) and Turin Mora(+).  Here he is joined by Jose ‘Spanish’ pacifico who was a great artisan, float designer, football star, and Carnival enthusiast in his good old days.

Carnival is all about street dancing.  It is about mimic and satire.  It is about writing a song that people can relate to- an ethnic group, a criticism, a compliment, a popular song or controversial artist or person. It is about trying to make the people laugh or simply admire and enjoy.  Long live our Carnival tradition. (pronounced ‘Carnabal’ in San Pedro)

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