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Social Hour at Hotspots in Town

In all parts of the world there are the hot spots which people are always looking for. And no, we are not talking about bad hot spots where people go for their share of illegal drugs or illicit sexual gratification. We are talking about hot spots in town where people socialize and look forward to going there to have a grand time with their friends.

One of these “Hot Spots” in San Pedro Village used to be the Ambergris Lodge, right on the beach. Every night of the week locals and tourists used to go there for some happy hours of fine drinks and cocktails, good ceviche and hors ‘oeuvres, music and good camaraderie. And don’t talk about the weekends when a good dance party was sure to welcome you. Enjoying the social hours here in this Flasback in the 1970’s was renowned scuba diver Demetrio “Demmie” Mejia, Luz Hunter, Tim Prevette, and the one and only Chico Flores on the guitar who was part of Will Nuñez and the Tequila Trio. Kudos to The Ambergris Lodge that helped set the pace for good social hours which are so popular in San Pedro up until this day. (Picture submitted by Tanya Musso Mejia)

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