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Sandy Beaches And Backyards In San Pedro

One of the things Sanpedranos really enjoyed was the privilege of being bare footed all the time.  Ninety nine percent of Sanpedranos went about their day without shoes.  But that was only possible because all our beaches and all our streets were covered with six inches of soft white sand.  Here you are looking at a property right on the beach and it was covered with white sand.  Behind the fence is Front Street, now Barrier Reef Drive and it was totally covered with white sand. Across the street you find properties like Coral Beach Hotel on the other side of Barrier Reef Drive and it too was covered with white sand.   What a pleasure it was to have our white sandy beaches and streets and yards. It was a pleasure until we got a very windy day and a stinging sand storm.  Living on the beach was a privilege but it also had its inconveniences. It is a pleasure difficult to explain except that it was mandatory to live without shoes.  If you do not believe us ask the Forman girls and boys who lived on Barrier Reef Drive as seen in this Flashback.  Living life to the fullest were Delsia, Norma and Betty Forman along with Clive Forman. Maybe the Forman’s can tell us who the little girl next to them is.  Long Live our sandy beaches and let’s keep them sandy forever.

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