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Good-Bye To Trawlers In Belize

By now it is common knowledge that shrimp trawlers and all forms of trawling nets are illegal in Belize.  This flashback pays tribute to the days when Sanpedrano trawlers brought fresh shrimp from down south to the Belizean tables. Mr. Rosendo ‘Papi’ Graniel and Mr. Alberto ‘Beto’ Nuñez were proprietors and captains of their own shrimp trawlers like this one.  With a crew of four, they raked the ocean floor down south and brought their catch to Caribeña Fishing Cooperative for the local Belizean tables as well as for the export market. Did you know that trawling for shrimp was done only at night?  If you do not believe us, ask Mr. Alberto Nunez.  

Nearer to the shore is a good reminder that “Kids will be Kids” This was simply a pile of sand that was dug up to make the deep channel along the main pier.  Once the mountain of sand was piled up the kids delighted in being Pirates of the Caribbean on their own Treasure Island.  This flashback takes us back to the 1960’s in the Village of San Pedro.

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