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Las Leonas As Strong As The Lions

Las Leonas- this was how the wives of the Lions were referred to when the San Pedro Lions Club was founded in 1975.  These lovely ladies certainly don’t look like ‘Leonas’ or Lioness but they certainly worked hard along with the Lion members to make of this club a success. Seated at the front of Ovidio Guerrero’s Skin Diver’s Club at the front were distinguished Sanpedranas like Leni Alamilla, Elma Gonzalez, Addy Gomez, Argelia Forman(+), Nila Munoz, Sylvia Gonzalez, Lala Alamilla(+), Mathy Gonzalez, and Neydy Salazar. Indeed their husbands were founding members of the San Pedro Lions Club. Skin Diver’s was a bar located downstairs of Martha’s Hotel where Publics Two is presently located. Those were happy days for Lions and moments when they were considered the top club among sixteen other clubs in the country. Many Lions are sadly missed today like: Adolfo Ayuso, Arturo Mora, Allan Forman, Reynaldo Squires, Felipe Paz, Tabito Alamilla, Fedo Alamilla, and Joe Alamilla.

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