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San Pedro High School Peace Corp Volunteers in the 1970's

This is a funny photo with lots of historical, fond memories.  This Peace Corps volunteer in 1975 would do anything for his San Pedro High School students. He taught three subjects, coached sports, directed choir, personally built the first science lab, offered night studies, did his own laundry, decorated the church, decorated for prom, chaperoned the first prom in 1976, cooked for the musical band and he would have celebrated mass but was not authorized to do so.  His name is Jerry Doetzer. This day he was detention supervisor of Chris Nuñez, Bob Krueger, Odilia Nuñez and Milly Castillo so Jerry climbed the post to indicate that he would keep a close eye on them. The site is presently the property of Alijua Building since SPHS was using a small wood building lent to the school by Mr. Apolono ‘Tuto’ Alamilla (RIP), a school benefactor.  
NOTE:  All of today’s teachers can learn a lesson from Jerry Doetzer.

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