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A Look Back at Old Downtown San Pedro (Then and Now)

Were these young men standing in the middle of the street to stop all vehicles for the Dollar Drive Fund Raiser?  If they were, they surely would not make a single dollar.  The next question is why are they all not wearing shoes?  Well, who would think of wearing shoes in a place where all streets were sandy?  And why are their short pants so short?  Well, you are looking at a flashback of the 1970’s when these were in style.  And why was there grass on the side of the street?  Was it because the town council was not doing its job?  Not at all because back then it was the home owner’s responsibility to clean his side of the street.  Finally, where is that cute yellow wooden building which used to be a landmark on Middle Street Now Pescador Drive?  Indeed Miss Jane’s fine yellow building has been replaced with a spanking building now the home of Reef Radio.

Sandy San Pedro Streets -Pescador Drive

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