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The Signs of Changing Times In San Pedro

Here we are on Pescador Drive in the center of town right in front of the world famous Elvi’s Kitchen. Call it progress or call it changing times, but what you see in this flashback is very different from what you see today.  The tiny short pants have been replaced with the short pants that go way below the knees.  No more cool sandy streets, only hot and dusty cobble stones. It is difficult to see bare footed people anymore since the cobble stones do have a heavy wear and tear on our soles. No longer do we see a quiet and almost desolate street like this Flashback since our traffic has soared by 4,000%.  The few people on the streets is an indication of a fishing village that was about 500 strong, while today our official census puts us at over the 12,000 population.  

On this particular street the Paz family home has been replaced by a majestic three storey building-The Four Sisters’ Plaza.  Even Elvi’s Kitchen has a new face both outside and inside. Even Martha’s Hotel across Elvi’s Kitchen has a new look. San Pedro has indeed come a long way- signs of progress and changing times.

Elvi's Kitchen, 4 Sisters Plaza and Martha's Hotel in Pescador Drive, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye

Pescador Drive in the present time

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