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The Incredible Santa To San Pedro by Sea

Santa Claus is known to travel by air and land but not by water.  However, in San Pedro before the days of airplane and before the coming of vehicles, Santa used to arrive by sea as seen in this memorable flashback.  He jumped into a skiff with all his bags of toys and goodies for the children of San Pedro from an unknown place and arrived right at the main pier in front of Daddy’s Club.  From there he went to the Central Park where the children were awaiting his arrival.  However the bigger children could not hold their excitement and jumped into the boat to try to touch dear good Santa as Willito Leslie laughed his heart out at the end of the pier.

One of these Days the children of San Pedro will be able to witness the arrival of Santa by Tropic Air or Maya, in a yacht, or even parasailing.  Just wait for Santa’s reindeers to get lazy and Santa to become creative.  

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