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Police Presence in San Pedro

This Flashback photo takes us back in time to the 1950’s when a single police officer was stationed in San Pedro to take on the responsibility of law and order, immigration, customs, registrar of births, registrar of deaths, health, and a few other minor duties.  The only responsibility that the officer did not have was prosecution, and that was because back in those days there were no crimes committed locally that necessitated prosecuting anybody in a court of law.  Ah and don’t forget, besides these many obligations, the officer still found time to go fishing.

Back to the flashback.  The door on the right led to a tiny office no larger than 6 X 8 feet which housed a table, 2 chairs, a filing cabinet and a communications radio.  The door on the left led into a holding cell which was about the same size of the officer’s office. Most of the time it was not in use so you could find fishing net, paddles, snorkeling gear and a few other personal items.  These items were removed occasionally when some drunk decided to give unwarranted trouble and asked to sleep in the prison for some hours.

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