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Ambergris Lodge a Local Hangout Spot

 “Carmita, let’s go swimming in front of the Ambergris Lodge,” said Lupita enthusiastically during the summer of 1975.

“Mek we go,” responded Carmita in a colorful Creole dialect.  “There are a few dories front a di beach and I sure Mista George Stefanko will lend us wan paddle fi go paddling.”

Pretty soon Carmita and her friend were at the beachfront paddling their dory and having a splendid time, San Pedro style.  On the beach several boys and girls were getting ready for a warm mid afternoon swim at the most beautiful white spot in front of the village.

The Ambergris Lodge was at the time advertising delicious seafood and an enjoyable time skin diving.  There was a lovely wide sandy beach with only a little bit of sea grass as Mr. Stefanko insisted that the beach be cleaned of logs and debris except for the sea grass which was thought to prevent beach erosion.  It was a sight and a site enjoyed by locals and a few tourists alike when Ambergris Caye had much of its natural appeal.  Today Mayan Princess has managed to keep that natural and exquisite appeal.

Ambergris Lodge

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