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A Laid Back San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye

You have always heard it said that San Pedro was a laid back quaint fishing village.  Well, this is what they were referring to.  The photo is not very clear but I think it was the best instamatic camera used back then and sometimes the film was not fresh.  The photo was taken from in front of Milo’s Store and Hotel at the northern end of Barrier Reef Drive. As we move away we can see Mrs. Peggy Hancock going for a short walk with her grandchildren probably Mike and Kathy Hancock.  It is a fully sand street with small rolling hills build up with wind erosion.  Farther down at the light post we can see Hotel San Pedrano and across the street a small pick up truck parked in front of what is now the spanking edifice of Belize Bank. Still farther up the sandy street is a big tree in the middle of town.  Well, that was there for ages as the fence of the Lions Den.  Not many vehicles- it was laid back.  Not many tourists- it was still a hidden secret. Not much hustle and bustle- it was a quaint fishing village.   We told you it was a laid back San Pedro!

San Pedro Barrier Reef Drive today

San Pedro, Barrier Reef Drive Today

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