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Making San Pedro Go International

Marcial “Chico” Flores (RIP) has put San Pedro in the international spotlight in many ways. When Don Francisco, International Television Celebrity, of Univision, came to San Pedro for a feature documentary, it was Chico who was selected to host him at Holiday Hotel with his flamboyant personality and his famous conch ceviche.  This documentary on San Pedro was televised to millions around the world in a weekly program, “Sabado Gigante,” by Univision.

Chico Flores was a renowned bartender at Celi’s Holiday Hotel and every tourist who visited there took back home a friendly, welcoming image of San Pedro and a good joke from Chico.

Moreover Chico also formed part of Wil and Dale, renowned San Pedro musical entertainers.  Together they formed the Tequila Trio, enjoyed by thousands of tourists who took back home the warm hospitable life of San Pedro and of course their musical C D’s of their tropical music.  Kudos to Chico Flores who helped in the internalization of our beloved Isla Bonita.

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