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Belize’s April the Tapir Turns 30!

World Tapir Day is celebrated on April 27 and in Belize it is also considered National Tapir Day thanks to a very special Tapir named April. It is the oldest female tapir living in captivity in the world and her home is known to everyone as the Best Little Zoo in the World – The Belize Zoo.

The grandeur that April has become in the Belizean culture was best displayed with a ceremonial unveiling of these two photographs which featured Claire Gibson who was only three years old when she first visited April in 1983 and one when Gibson returned this year to visit her again.

April is considered a Belizean icon and had a huge celebration party at the Belize Zoo were over 150 students visited the famous tapir. There were lots to eat and drink and games to play all in honor of April the Tapir who turned 30!

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