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La Beluga Submarine in San Pedro

Submarines are said to have been sighted outside the reef along the north coast of Ambergris Caye during World War II.  Could this have been one of them captured and landed in San Pedro.  That would have been cool, but no, only wishful thinking.   This is actually one of those life boats used in those big container ships.  In times of emergency, several men could lock themselves in it and it could roll in open seas.  The boat once appeared in San Pedro in the early 1980’s and it belonged to Mr. Kevin Gonzalez. He parked it in front of Mr. Dan Dawson’s yard for him to do some repairs on it.  Mr. Dawson, of course, was San Pedro’s most renowned mechanic and handy man who could repair anything.

The boat was called the submarine by everyone in San Pedro and it was named Beluga.  When in the sea, children would enter and play in the beluga pretending to be soldiers or a submarine crew.  A short anecdote:  Once a group of children were playing in the Beluga and locked one of their friends inside the Beluga.  When it suddenly rolled over, they became scared and ran off leaving their frightened friend all alone in distress.  It was not until a friend asked them to go and release the prisoner that they did so.  We are sure some other persons might have hilarious stories to tell about the Submarine, La Beluga.

La Beluga Submarine in San Pedro

Paul Dawson and Brother Daniel Dawson

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