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San Pedro Remembers Mama Vilma

At first it was a humble wood residence located near the end of the village even before the R.C. School was built close by. It was the home of Mr. Francisco “Fash” Arceo and Vilma Forman Arceo and their large family of about ten including Patty, Neria, Vicky, Maricela, and Omar. Later on it was the site of the once famous The Hut Restaurant, which revolutionized local cuisine. From then on the Arceo Home metamorphosed into various businesses like Seaduced Tours.

Now the site carries the name Vilma Linda Plaza which houses several businesses. Also known as Mama Vilma, this charismatic lady was a pillar and cornerstone in her community. First she raised and educated a wonderful family leading her children to be community leaders and activists. She was a grand promoter and enthusiast of Carnaval who taught children the traditional comparsas. Miss Vilma lent a supporting hand to education at all levels in San Pedro and to the health facility.

As if that were not enough Mama Vilma was a key player in the women’s group dedicated to the Catholic Church in novenas, rosaries, processions, choir and fundraising. She worked endlessly for the construction of the R.C. Church as well as the San Pablo Church. She was also perhaps San Pedro’s strongest PUP fan who campaigned tirelessly for her party and her fellow villagers. A humble woman who left many visible and precious footsteps on the sand, Mama Vilma is surely a great role model.  

Mama Vilma Plaza

Vilma Linda Plaza

San Pedro Remembers Mama Vilma

Vilma Forman Arceo

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