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Traffic The Wrong Way in San Pedro Village

This nice looking boat is parked right in front of Caramba Restaurant on Pescador Drive. The traffic officer could give several violation  tickets.  It is going in the wrong direction on a one way street.  Secondly it is parked on the left side of the street and belongs on the other side in front of Reef Restaurant.  And thirdly, it has been there for about two months and has become a traffic obstruction even for the grader that must scrape and re-level the street.  Which Traffic?  In truth the boat is parked in front of Chintina’s house;  Gonzalo Muñoz was a boat builder who also repaired boats.  Si amigos, this is a photo that brings nostalgic memories of the good old days when grass still grew on the sides of the streets, when traffic was not a problem, and certainly parking was not a problem.  Chances are that even the gas tank was on board, so not even stealing was a problem. Good old days indeed.

Traffic the Wrong Way

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