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San Pedro's Best Football Days

This Flashback photo takes us back to what we can call “San Pedro’s Best Football Days ever”.  Some of the best players San Pedro has ever produced are right in this team.  These are all amateur players, not a single semi professional nor professional, but they all gave San Pedro much excitement, pride and most of all glory.  Glory because they played against any visiting team in the country and gave them their due money’s worth- in other words a solid competition or a good trashing.

Ambergris Today salutes our Sanpedrano players who brought much glory to an entire village that stood behind them.  We are sorry of any name not mentioned, but we tried:  At the front, the one and only dribbler Chico Flores (+),  “June June” Elizandro Trejo (+) defense, Speedy Freddy Gonzalez striker, Tino Gonzalez midfield, Omero Graniel, “Sabas” Miguel Rivero defense, Nicolas Varela super defense, Juanito Diaz striker, Sony Vasquez, “Bobby” Rene Nuñez defense, Ricardo Acosta, “Coco” “El Fantasma” Raul Gonzalez midfield, Alonso Badillo, Gabriel Arana, “Cholo” Guillermo Nuñez, Dimas Guerrero, Ruben Gonzalez great goalkeeper just to name a few. If you spot somebody you know submit it at the bottom of the article.

Glorious days of soccer in San Pedro!  One thing we preach:  Hopefully we can return to amateur football in San Pedro at the new Plaza de San Pedro- less costly, no need to import, has total public support, attracts lots of fans. Councilor Gaby knows about this.

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