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Siesta Time in San Pedro was Gene Inherited

The culture of San Pedro is such that it calls for a siesta or a short nap time just after midday lunch or by mid afternoon. This goes back to 1898 when the coconut farmers (milperos) simply laid down to rest under the shade of a coconut tree. This of course happened after long hours of collecting coconuts and peeling the nuts out of the thick husk. The trend was then followed by the fishermen who easily and conveniently assimilated the San Pedro tradition. Women and children then acquired this custom ‘in their genes’ for everyone in San Pedro automatically takes a well deserved siesta. It became such an inherent custom that the folks of San Pedro tied their hammock between any two poles or posts or even two adjacent coconut trees where the shade and coolness of the day made the siesta even more attractive or even a luxury. Just be careful you don’t stand too long at one particular place just after midday or someone might tie a hammock unto your legs.  

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