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Simplicity San Pedro Style

When Al Felly took this shot in 1971, he was impressed by the simplicity of Island life in San Pedro.  All of the fishermen and tour guides carried small locally built mahogany skiffs powered by small outboard engines.  So simple that they could leave their skiffs moored at the hotel pier and nobody would bother them except for children who begged for leftover sardines for their own fish bait. Life was so simple and safe that you could leave your day’s catch on the pier and go take a shower and return to clean your fish. So simple that five gallons of gasoline could take you  to your fishing grounds and back and everything you caught was prepared for your evening supper at Holiday Hotel. And look at the native Island boys paddling their canoe for a joy ride, a refreshing swim, or to go fishing right in front of the village.  This dory ride was quite likely without mom’s permission, but who cared?  After all they were in San Pedro in all its grandeur yet simplicity. This is the life of San Pedro that has won the hearts of our visitors over the years.

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