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The Oldest Beauty Pageant of San Pedro

San Pedro is very likely the most active community in Belize as it relates to pageantry to include several Miss Kindergarten Schools, Miss Chiquitita, Miss SPHS Chiquitita, Miss Isla Bonita Elementary, Miss ACES, Miss SPHS, Miss Costa Maya International, Miss Carnabal, Miss Lions International, and Miss San Pedro.

Of these we can safely say that the most prestigious of all is the annual Miss San Pedro Beauty Pageant. It dates as far back to1955 with Miss Leni Aguilar Alamilla being selected as the first queen ever. For some unknown reason there was a lapse of five years until 1961 when Addy Castillo Gomez became the second queen for San Pedro.

Pictured here 10 years later was Miss Ermita Castillo who was crowned by Dorita Graniel Gonzalez.  Swim suits were not a part of the early pageants until 1978 when a young high school girl Miss Yolanda Gutierrez Zapata was bold enough to step up on stage with a beautiful one piece swim suit.

Several sisters have worn this prestigious crown while one or two mother and daughter have also had the same honor as is Sandra Heredia Nuñez  and Maria Luz Heredia Azueta (two sisters), Carmen Cecilia Lara and Norma Leticia Lara (Two Sisters)  and Lily Paz Nuñez and Liliana Nuñez (mother and daughter). On a strange note Miss Daly Guerrero was crowned Miss San Pedro for two consecutive years (1981 and 1982). Of these Mr. Alan Forman emceed Seven of these pageants, Mr. Angel Nuñez 29 and Eiden Salazar six. Below are the names of all Miss San Pedro’s. If you have any pictures of past pageants that you can share with us, please visit our office or email them to

Miss San Pedro Queens
1955 – Leni Aguilar Alamilla
1961 – Addy Castillo Gomez
1962 – Chabby Nuñez Salazar
1963 – Neydy Alamilla Salazar
1964 – Flora Graniel Ancona
1965 – Marcelina Marin Graniel
1966 – Marcia Dawson
1969 – Sandra Heredia Nuñez
1970 – Dorita Graniel Gonzalez
1971 – Ermita Castillo
1972 – Neydi Henkis Romero
1973 – Maria Luz Heredia Azueta
1974 – Odilia Nuñez Salazar
1975 – Nita Maria Gonzalez Matayoshi
1976 – Vicky Arceo
1977 – Elsa Paz
1978 – Yolanda Gutierrez Zapata
1979 – Lily Paz Nuñez
1980 – Estrella Nuñez Castañeda
1981 – Daly Guerrero – Year of Belize’s Independence
1982 – Daly Guerrero
1984 – Olguita Bardalez
1985 – Mini Squires
1986 – Flor Marin Nuñez
1987 – Fiona Elliott
1988 – Wilema Alamilla Gonzalez
1989 – Martha Sabido
1990 – Yvette Graniel Martin
1991 – Karen Waight Canul
1992 – Elisa Guerrero
1993 – Yoli Aguilar Rivero
1994 – Suyapa Sosa
1995 – Carmen Cecilia Lara
1996 – Jocelyn Bremekamp
1997 – Vanya Vasquez Nuñez
1998 – Norma Flota Graniel
1999 – Delia Alamilla
2000 – Adaly Guerrero Ayuso
2001 – Dilcia Trejo
2002 – Jenine Haylock
2003 – Tatiana Rivero
2004 – Roxanna Bradley
2005 – Norma Leticia Lara
2006 – Liliana Nuñez
2007 – Angela Alamilla
2008 –Lizette Vasquez
2009 –Raquel Badillo
2010 –Natasha Stuart
2011 –Yakarelis Hernandez
2012 – Naiely Puc
2013 – Solani Graniel

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