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Patriotism in the 1970's

It is not the size of a parade but the patriotism that goes along with it.  These San Pedro kids, Milo Paz Jr. and his uncle Arely Rivero, are displaying a slightly decorated bike but high in the air is the fluttering British flag.  Yes, it is definitely before Belize’s Independence (1973) so you will see one or two Union Jack flags, the flag of England around the village.  Even Milo Paz on the bike has his little British flag ready for the parade. This was the time when Sanpedranos paid tribute to the Queen of England and showed respect to the Governor of England, the British flag and the national anthem, God Save The Queen.  It was also the era when the streets of San Pedro were rolling hills of beautiful white sand.

10th of September Parade

Kareena Paz first place winner in this year’s Bicycle Decorating Competition

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